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Friendly environment Easy commnication On-line access

Friendly environment

Easy communication

On-line access

  • simple management of project teams, schedules, and budgets
  • all task, alarms and messages in one place
  • easy communication within project team and cross project communication
  • able to operate on shared resources by many organizations
  • work on project from any place
  • current monitoring progress of projects

KeyPM is an innovative application for project management

The aim of KeyPM is to provide friendly environment for project team management, project scheduling and budgeting with intuitive project communication interface similar to those used in social media

Permanent access to your projects

KeyPM advantage is its availability on mobile devices, so you can monitor your projects anytime and anywhere.

Increasing management efficiency due to KeyPM

Since I started using keyPM efficiency of my team increased, and the projects are implemented in a shorter time. It's amazing how direct communication and work on updated documents increase the performance of the work.

KeyPM - the right tool for every Project Manager

KeyPM is a universal tool and although it is based on the experience of IT projects is not focused on one particular industry. KeyPM can be used by teams for various projects relating to the marketing sector, information technology, construction or logistics.