Interoperability teams and organizations

KeyPM gives you access to constantly updated information about your projects. Each team member works in the same place on the same files and screens so that everyone has a preview of the current situation of the projects. All in one place can monitor, prioritize and update information about their tasks with the ability to send information to colleagues. In addition KeyPM allows operation on shared resources by many organizations.

Easy communication

Intuitive communication mechanisms facilitate o communication teams. Any logged in user can send a message or leave a note at the tasks. KeyPM also allows chat also between several people at the same time.


Excellent organization

Good work organization is the key to success. KeyPM allows you to collect in one place the documents, products, notes, and to build a clear directory structure. Communication provides the path for workflow, so it becomes transparent and understandable for each team member. In addition KeyPM can suggest an appropriate directory structure chosen specifically for your project.

Documents always available

The ability to collect documents and products in prepared repositories makes all project team members have access to the most current files. Working with KeyPM can cancel your transfer to team members in the news files or move them to a USB flash drive, allowing the reducing the risk of losing important document or the current version. Your documents are available anytime and anywhere, by accessing on-line, a clear directory structure that you can adapt to the needs of their makes all documents created in the course of the project are organized and stored in one place.


Personal fit

With KeyPM you can organize your projects as you like. The application provides the ability to adapt to individual needs or requirements organization, project or team and to the preferences of each user. Each user can define templates for plans, choose the most appropriate views, perspectives and hide or discover information relevant to each other. Check in a prepared statement as you can customize the system to your needs.


Customized reports

Reports in KeyPM allow you to review project data and summaries created before, during or after the project. KeyPM creates reports automatically and continually updates the data that they contain. It has a pre-defined reports, which are standards in the work of each of the Project Manager. In addition, each report you can be used for your needs, and using an enhanced export and save your time.